Magic Repair Glue AB Metal Strength Iron Bonding Heat Resistance Cold Weld Metal Repair Adhesive Agent Caster Contact Cements



Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: TERTELL154

Certification: NONE

Application Materials: Metal

Type: Caulk

Extrusiontype: Use objectGlue

Glue type: Casting glue

USE: Extrusion type

Use object: Metal, stone, ceramic

Magic Repair Glue AB Metal Strength Iron Bonding Heat Resistance Cold Weld Metal Repair Adhesive Agent Caster Glue
Note: The product is a special commodity. If you have any special circumstances when you receive the product, please contact us first, and we will solve the problem for you!

20g/50g/70g   is the weight of a set

If the glue will dry after receiving it, please soak the glue in hot water for a while to melt it. After melting, it can be used normally without affecting the effect.

Main Applications:Used for Casting Metal Repair.It Is Made of Epoxy Resin, Curing Agent, Toughening Agent, Reactive Diluent and Various High-quality Materials. It Is Used for Fast Bonding of Metal, Glass, Ceramic, Plastic, Wood, Etc. Used for Bubbles, Pores Or Cracks Filled in Iron and Steel Castings, Casting Defects, High CuringHardness, Can Be Used at 100-150 C.

Aggregate Performance: Gray Mud Paste B White Body-Fitted High Strength, High Temperature Resistance, Corrosion Resistance, Impact Resistance, Durability, Simple Operation

Volume Ratio: A: B = 1:1

Curing Properties: Hardness: 80(Shore-D) Shear Strength: 18(25 C)

Complete Curing Time: 12-24 Hours (25 C)

The Bonding Process:1 First of All, Determine the Required Maintenance under the Condition of Cleaning and Unspotted. 2. Use Files, Sandpaper and Other Tools to Process Flat Surfaces. 3 Apply the Full Hue of Composition A and B with a Volume Ratio of 1:1 to the Object to Be Repaired Evenly.

Four Hours after Finishing All Kinds of Processing and 24 Hours after Bonding.

It Is Stored in the Temperature Range of 15-28c for up to 24 Months. 24 Hours after the Highest Strength, Shear Strength> 20 MPa (200kg/M2)

1 * Magic Welding Glue A

1 * Magic Welding Glue B 

Use method:
1. Squeeze out the glue at 1:1
2. Mix the two kinds of glue evenly
3. Clean the surface and apply the glue
4. Wait for 24 hours

It Should Be Mixed According to the Proportion of Components A and B before Use, So as Not to Use Any Color Mixing. That Is to Use, Run out of Time. The Mixed Use Time of the Adhesive Is about 1 Hour.

Reminder: If you find the product hardened after receiving the product, don't worry, you can soak it in water for a while or use it with water, the product is no problem

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