HILDA 2 Lines Laser Level Self-Leveling Horizontal And Vertical Cross Super Powerful Green Laser Beam Line



Plug Type: EU

Brand Name: HILDA

Model Number: 2 lines

Size: 16*13*6

Measurement Model: 2 lines

Origin: Mainland China

Wavelength: 535 nm

Type: Vertical & Horizontal Lasers

Choice: yes


• Super Powerful Green Laser Beam :The HILDA 2 Lines Laser Level emits a powerful green laser beam that can cover a wide area, making it perfect for large projects.

• Self-Leveling Technology :The laser level has self-leveling technology that ensures accurate measurements every time, even on uneven surfaces.

• Vertical & Horizontal Cross :With the ability to measure both vertically and horizontally, this laser level is versatile and can be used for a variety of projects.

• 2 Lines Measurement Model :The laser level has a 2 lines measurement model, providing precise and clear lines for accurate placement.

2 Lines Laser Level Self-Leveling Horizontal And Vertical Cross Super Powerful Green Laser Beam Line

With advanced laser level technology, HILDA is committed itself to providing solutions for a wide variety of applications of greater accuracy and precision.

HILDA Laser Level Benefits:

● Full-layout: horizontal leveling, vertical alignment, squaring, and plumb point transfer.

● Use for simultaneous leveling and alignment, and squaring right angles.

● Smart pendulum system: self levels and indicates out-of-level condition.

Technical specifications:

Laser class: Class 2

Laser wavelength: 535 nm

Working distance inside (line): 10-20 m

Power source: single charge, 5 hour service

Laser type: 2 lines green beam

Instructions for use:

This laser level does not contain a battery. Please pay attention to the position of the positive and negative electrodes when using the battery. Placing the wrong battery can cause the machine to be unusable. The black button on the side is a switch


WARNING Emits Laser Radiation - Avoid direct exposure of the laser beam to the eyes.

The HILDA Crossline Laser Level Kit is the perfect productfor many projects around the house including puttingup shelves, pictures, mirrors, curtain rails & kitchen cabinetsas well as wallpaper and floor or wall tiles

The self-leveling cross generates an accurate horizontaland vertical line, and when used in conjunction withOctopus bracket (not included), allows you to attach it directlyto metal surfaces or using the 3 pin holes, it can be hookedon objects or simply hung on a nail.

The laser requires 2 AA Alkaline batteries (not included)


The laser can be used in 2 modes.

1. Pressing the button on the top of the laser will turn thelaser on in angle lock mode, the laser will project in afixed position allowing for a cross to be generated andthen tilted allowing for marks to be made at an angle.While the laser is in angle lock mode, the laser will flashevery 5 seconds to remind you that it is in angle lockmode and is not self-levelling

To turn off the laser while in angle lock mode, pressand hold the button on the top for 5 seconds.

2. Sliding the side power button to on engages

self-leveling mode, the laser will now level to a straight horizontal and vertical line, if the laser is placed on a surface that has more than a 3° slant, the laser will

rapidly flash. To correct it, move the laser to a flat surface, or adjust the surface accordingly.

Slide the side power button back to turn the laser off.

WARNING - Do not look directly into the laser.

When the laser is used in conjunction with Octopus bracket (not included), the laser can then be attached onto any metal surface using the back magnets or the

holes in the bracket can be hooked onto a structure.

The laser can be directly mounted on to laser accessories such as small tripods or spider clamps using the 1/4" thread on the bottom of the laser, this can also be adapted to fit larger tripods using the 1/4" to 5/8" adaptor (Not included).

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