TUYA WiFi/ZigBee MCB Smart Circuit Breaker Over Current Under Voltage Protection Power Metering 1-63A Remote Control Switch

Rated Current


Brand Name: TONGOU

Model Number: TO-Q-SY2-163JWT/TO-Q-SY2-163JZT

Type: Mini

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Type: Circuit breaker

Choice: yes

• Over-under protection :Protects against overcurrent and undervoltage, ensuring safe and stable power supply.

• Power protection :Provides protection against power surges and fluctuations, preventing damage to electrical appliances.

• Temperature protection :Operates effectively within a wide temperature range, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh environments.

• Remote control switch :Allows for easy and convenient control of the circuit breaker from a distance, making it easier to manage your home's electrical system.

TO-Q-SY2 Din Rail Smart Switch pairing operation and function setting

WiFi 1-63A adjustable Function


This item is a WiFi MCB Circuit Breaker.With Over-current Protection and Under-voltage Protection and Over-under-voltage Protection, The rated current is adjustable in APP, 1-63A

Remote control at anytime from anywhere by TUYA APP / Smart Life APP

Smart Life app on mobile ,no distance limit
Schedule / Timing, countdown, cycle timing
Voice control by Amazon Alexa echo dot / Google assistant


Working voltage : AC90-280V, 50 / 60Hz

Wireless type : Wi-Fi 2.4GHz

Support system : Android \ iOS

Rate Current : (1-63A)adjustable

Over-voltage protection : 220-265V

Unde-voltage protection : 76-240V

Temperature protection: 40-100?

Over-Power protection : 1-26KW





  • Into Smart With Your DIY Idea

  • 1 . Remote control / 2 . Timing / 3. Temperature protection

  • 4 . Over-current protection

  • 5 . Over-voltage and under-voltage prontection

  • 6 . Real-time monitoring ofelectricity consumption

  • New updates

  • Of products

  • Setting

  • Alarm Setting (TO-Q-SY2)

    • Functional protection , the alarm fuction is automatically turned on after setting the theshold , and the protection trpping switch can be turned on or off .

  • Safe and secure choice

  • Protection against over-temperature and over-load

  • over-voltage and under-voltage



  • Into Smart With Your DIY Idea

  • View load current , voltage , power in real time

  • Record (year , month , day , hour)

  • electicity consumption in different time periods


  • Setup the switch on / off time via the APP

  • Three Timing Modes

  • (Timing Mode / Countdown Mode / Loop Timing)

  • Timing Mode

    Before going home from get off work...

    18:30 Turn on the lights.

    Countdown Mode

    after falling asleep...

    turn off the lights after 10 minutes.

    Loop Timing

    Before waking up / after going to work ...

    06:00 Turn on the lights. / 08:00 Lights off .

  • "Hi Google,turn off the light."

  • "Okay"

  • Voice Controls

    Voice linkage

    Compatible with Amazon Alexa Google Home.

    What do you want to control ? just say it .



  • Tight clips snap the rails to use a more

  • secure and worry-free

  • Product Details

  • Benefit Your Life

  • Touch handle

  • Sleek design for more comfortable operation.

  • Flame retardant material

  • High temperature resistance and flame retardant , effectively improve the safety of use.

  • Single channel wiring

  • Tunnel-type wiring port for more secure wiring.

  • Positioning clip

  • Press to open easily , Simple installation.

  • Network Pairing

  • Benefit Your Life

  • 1 . To connect the wire from the uppper of the WiFi DINRail Switch , the live wire connect to the Lpole , and neutral wire connect to the N pole , please make sure that the wiring is correct and strong WiFi signal.

  • 2 . Turn on the Blue tooth and WiFi of the mobile phone , open the APP,and then long press the"power"button,wait for about 5-10 secaonds , the LED indicator will flash blue light slowly .

  • 3 . Waiting for a while after graphics is displayer the app,or click the"+"in the upper righe corner , then choose the"Add Device"button to waitdaiscovering devi

  • 4 . Enter the wifi account password and click next step,wait for the switch to connect the netwoek .

  • 5.The switch is connected to the network

  • 6 . After the successful connection,the LED indicator will be changed from red slow flashing to red steady light

Zigbee1-63A adjustable Function

Notice :

A note on Zigbee gateway adaptability

1、Wired zigbee gateway: please ensure that the firmware version ≥ 1.19.2(WIFI)/1.0.13(Zigbee)

2, WIFI + Zigbee wireless gateway: please ensure that the firmware version ≥ 1.12.0 (WIFI) / 1.0.8 (Zigbee)

3, Mini multimode gateway (the most common version for home use): please ensure that the firmware version ≥ 1.4.8 (WIFI) / 2.4.1 (Zigbee)

4,、WIFI + Zigbee intelligent dual-link gateway: please ensure that the firmware version ≥ 1.8.2 (WIFI) / 1.0.13 (Zigbee)

5、Household multi-mode-function gateway (usually with audible and visual alarm function) and Smart Wired Gateway Pro (usually called Matter Gateway), they do not support temperature and current regulation modules

Zigbee version requires a zigbee hub/Gateway for remote control

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