Nível Laser Profissional Trena Level

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Origin: Mainland China

Trena: 2.5m

Laser: 63 680nm Max

bateria: AG13

Nivel: 3 linhas

Dimensoes aproximadas:: 18.5 x 6.2 x 2.8 cm

Com ima: Nao

Peso Aproximado: 180 Gramas

Laser level professional measuring tape level Pro3 stages leveler

The digital level is a multipurpose tool extreme utility when required line objects such as furniture, shelves, pictures, or even build walls, apply coatings, anyway, for various applications

Laser with switch, base with ruler aluminum 6 inch and steel tape measure 2,5 meters.

Tape measure 2.5m laser 63-680nm max output 5MW class IIIa laser reaches up 8m distance works with 3 batteries AG13 (included) level with 3 lines ruler in cm and inch designs beam horizontally, upright or crosswise

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