INKERSI Laser Rangefinder Digital Tape Measure 40M/70M/120m High Precision Laser Distance Meter Roulette Range Finder No Battery



Brand Name: INKERSI

Measurement Accuracy: +/-2mm

Model Number: KE40,KE50,KE60,KE80,KE120

Size: 10x4.3x2.5cm

Power Type: Battery-Powered

INKERSI Model: ke40

Origin: Mainland China

Certification: CE

Certification: FCC

Certification: RoHS

Choice: yes


Our laser distance meter are handheld and easy to operate. The distance is measured accurately.

With the function of measuring area, volume, addition, subtraction. Perfect for an interior makeover or a great gift.

Note: Please use alkaline (AAA) batteries, so that the performance of the laser distance meter will be better

1: Model:KE40/KE50/KE70/KE120

2: Working range: 40M/50M/70M/120M

3: Laser color: Red

4: Bubble level:2bubble

5: Reference point: 2(rear, front)

6: Accuracy: ±2mm

7: Continuous measure: Yes

8: Area measure: yes

9: Volume measure: yes

10: Pythagorean measurement: yes

11: Unit options: meter / inch / feet

12: Add and subtract measurement: yes

13: Working temperature: 0°C~40°C

14: Storage temperature:-20°C~60°C

15: Storage humidity: 20%~80% RH

16: Min/Max value: yes

17: Self-Calibration: yes

18: Laser level: II

19: Laser type: 630-670nm,<1mW

20: Max storage: 99 units

21: Automatically cut off laser: 20s

22: Automatic shutdown: 150s

23: Buttons/keys sound: Yes

24: Battery:2x1.5V AAA (not included)

Package included:

1*Laser meter/1*pouch/1*User's manual

Pictures for KE40/50/70/100/120

Button Description


2.Turn on/Measuring


4.Reference Point/Unit Switch

5.Area/Volume/Pythagorean Mode

6.Bubble level



9.Turn off/Remove

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