Broken Double Head Screw Extractor Sliding Thread And Broken Wire Remover 4341 Hexagon Drill Set Broken Wire Extractor



Brand Name: other

Type: Other

Origin: Mainland China


Choice: yes

• Double Head Screw Extractor :The double head screw extractor feature allows for easy removal of broken screws and wires.

• Sliding Thread And Broken Wire Remover :The sliding thread and broken wire remover ensures that the extractor can be used on a variety of screw and wire sizes.

• 4341 Hexagon Drill Set :The 4341 hexagon drill set provides a precise and accurate drilling experience, making it perfect for electrical work.

• DIY Supplies: ELECTRICAL :This product is perfect for those who work with electrical wiring and need a reliable tool for removing broken screws and wires.


Choose a remover that is smaller than the screw diameter to install,drill above.Then reverse with a small tip in the worn screw head,drill small holes(try to be as deep as possible),and mount the large of the extractor on the drill.Lastly,rotate counterclockwise to remove the screws.


Material: carbon steel, quenched, titanium plated surface

Color: gold, silver

Package included:plastic box、screw extractor

In the process of use, it is necessary to operate with the hand drill, and the speed should be slow, not too fast or suddenly accelerated, the whole operation process needs to reverse operation, first take one end of the hole, then take the other end.

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