Automatic Fast And Labor-Saving Dual-Use Open-Ended Universal 72-Tooth Ratchet Wrench Movable Head Open Plummer



Brand Name: other

Type: Combination Wrench

Origin: Mainland China

Choice: yes

• Dual-Use Functionality :This wrench is a versatile tool, offering dual-use functionality with its open-ended design. It's perfect for various repair jobs, saving you time and effort.

• Fast and Efficient :With its automatic fastening feature, this wrench reduces the time and effort required for your repairs. It's an efficient tool that gets the job done quicker.

• Universal 72-Tooth Ratchet :The universal 72-tooth ratchet ensures a firm grip on the bolt or nut, providing extra torque for challenging repairs.

• Movable Head Design :The movable head design of this wrench allows for easier and more precise adjustments, enhancing the usability and efficiency of the tool.

• Labor-Saving :Designed to save labor, this wrench reduces the physical effort required for repairs, making it an ideal tool for those who value comfort and efficiency in their work.

• Durable Construction :Originating from Mainland China, this wrench is built for durability. Its robust construction ensures it can withstand heavy use in various repair environments.


Product Name: Swivel head ratchet dual purpose wrench

Specification: 10,12,13,14,17mm silver color

Quantity: 1 piece

Material: carbon steel

Use: For all kinds of regular screws


1.180° swivel head designThe ratchet end adopts a novel swivel head design, which can be flexibly rotated by 180°, convenient for operation in narrow space.

2. material #45 carbon steel adopts high quality steel, durable, not easy to wear and tear

3. double-head design, quick folding double-head design, two modes of use, a good helper for home traveling 4.

4. overall fine polishing plating treatment button surface polishing plating bright chrome, beautiful and generous, not easy to rust, comfortable grip

Product specifications: round head outer width

Product Dimensions:

Round end width; Round end thickness; Open end width; Open end thickness; Total length

10mm ; 17mm ; 7mm ; 23mm ; 7mm ; 138mm

12mm ; 19mm ; 8mm ; 25mm ; 7mm ; 168mm

13mm ; 21mm ; 8mm ; 28mm ; 7mm ; 183mm

14mm ; 22mm ; 8mm ; 30mm ; 7mm ; 186mm

17mm ; 27mm ; 9mm ; 35mm ; 7mm ; 216mm


1*Ratchet Wrench

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